Russian- and German-to-English translations that read like originals

I am Kenny Cargill, a Russian-to-English translator specializing in the translation of marketing and legal texts as well as texts in the social sciences and humanities, including journalismpolitical sciencesociologyhistorylinguistics and other allied fields. I also have experience translating texts in ITcomputer science and information science, including software manuals and the localization of video games. I possess both B.A.and M.A. degrees in Russian language and linguistics from the University of Arizona.

Portrait with Pushkin

I believe that the best translations are not slavish reproductions of their source texts. They should provide full adaptations of the meaning of the original while following the mechanical and stylistic conventions of the target language as well as the vocabulary usage of the relevant subject domain as expressed in that same target language. This includes the localization of dates and numbers as well as the translation of punctuation. Indeed, I would remind my colleagues that there are significant differences in the use of punctuation marks between Russian and English, and there is even a textbook devoted to this topic. So, for example, you will never find erroneous Russian commas popping up in my English translations. (E.g., “I want, you to come …”).

Unlike a larger agency, I can offer you a single, personal point of contact for your project. It is often the case with many agencies that they have high staff turnover, meaning that from project to project you might find yourself always working with different project managers even though you are technically dealing with the same business. It is a gamble whether you will be able to have a consistently effective working relationship with all of these staff over time. With me, I will always be the sole proprietor of my business, and you will receive the further advantage of working directly with the translator and not through an intermediary.

I can translate a number of file formats beyond MS Office, including Adobe IndesignPDFHTMLXMLand various image-based formats (including, but not limited to, JPGTIFFGIF and PNG).

I also offer services for the preparation and formatting of texts for publication as e-books, including on the Amazon Kindle platform.